What is Solace? Finding Solace in the Midst of Loss

As I walked away from the appointment, my heart was heavy for the brokenness and loss that was experienced, but joyful that I could be a part of the journey to a new normal.  My life was touched by the vulnerability of two souls that chose us as their safe place.  My practice will forever be changed because of this one experience.

I was in a rush trying to be super woman as a mom, daughter, wife, business owner and massage therapist.  As I came sweeping into the spa, I frantically gathered my things that were required to switch into the role as calm and serene massage therapist.  Deep breaths, finding the calm, table made, towels warmed, water chilled with a splash of lemon and candles lit.  Yes!  Just in time as the next guests arrived in their reserved parking space.  Here we go!  60 minutes and I am off to running errands, balancing the checkbook, marking items off the “to do” list and gathering my children from various after-school activities.  But, I couldn’t think of that now, I was staying in my calm.  Stay in the moment.  I was there.  I was ready.  Well, I thought I was ready.

The health intakes complete, questions answered and all were ready for the massage experience.  Deep breath everyone, it is time to relax.  A pause before entering the rooms shifted the dynamic and answered the unasked question of mine.  I have an internal question with each guest, “What is going on here?  There is always a heart to the matter.  What is the one presenting here?”  This was a difficult answer.  A loss was shared.  A deep loss.  A fresh, vulnerable and heart-wrenching loss.  My breath could not find it’s deepness that it had only moments earlier.  I was thankful that they shared their loss with us.  They chose us as their safe place and I always find that an honor.  The sadness only slightly dissipated during the massage session.  Relief, if only for a few moments, was found.  Even now I am unable to explain the moments I will forever cherish.  Pure and uncovered emotion of sadness and loss.

Wondering aloud, “What is solace?” the guest questioning glanced at the artistic display of the original logo behind the front desk.  Exactly what was found in the previous moments of rest.  That is what solace is.  Solace is something that gives comfort, consolation or relief.  Tearfully embracing, hands come together as the guests begin to leave.
Breathing deeply in hopes of solace lingering a while longer, they went on to what remained for them that day.

We were honored to provide a place of solace.  We don’t always know what our guests are facing and not all of them share.  Some guests feel the need to talk and share, others keep it in and that is part of their healing.  This time our guests let us in just a little bit.  I am so very thankful that they did.