Solace Day Spa now offers a total wellness solution program, complete with lifestyle assessment, wellness plan and nutrition absorption screening.  This non-invasive screening will give you a measurement of your ability to fight illness, prevent disease, perform at maximum capacity and slow the internal and external aging process to keep you looking and feeling young.  You’ll receive a simple scan of the hand to determine if you’re absorbing nutrients that could impact your health and longevity.  The consultation is complimentary with a nutritional screening. 


Ready for Rejuvenation & Relaxation?

It is our desire, at Solace Day Spa, to provide the utmost service to each client. We want to provide an experience that defines “pure solace” and an opportunity to escape all the craziness of life and be surrounded by peace, tranquility, and purity.  Our desire is to cater to the individual’s needs at each appointment. We offer a wide variety of beverages, reading material, calming music, and a friendly staff. Our goal is to send each client away with 100% satisfaction!




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