From beauty scrubs to organic facials –  all of our beauty services offer Solaces’s signature VIP treatment and five-star care. So go ahead – indulge yourself!  Relax by yourself, or with a loved one or friend. Whether you are in a hurry or spending the day, our beauty services will send you home refreshed, nurtured, and more beautiful than ever!  *Waxing cannot be performed on anyone taking blood thinning medications, acne medication, or using Retin-a. Do not wax or exfoliate at least 48 hours prior to service.


Brows $15
Lip $15
Chin $15
Any 2 ($15) waxes $25
Any 3 ($15) waxes $40
Full Face $45



Grooming Fee                             $15
{applied if area is long than 1/4 “}

 Arm – Full                                  $40

Arm – Half                                  $30

Underarm                                     $20

Leg – Full                                       $75

Leg – Half                                       $50

Chest                                              $50

Chest – Half                                   $35

Back Full                                        $70+

Back Half                                        $35


What to expect during your waxing service

It is recommended for all waxing treatments to be sure hair has grown or been trimmed to 1/4 inch.* This allows the wax to grab the hair. If it is too short, areas will not wax cleanly leaving hair behind. If it is too long, it will be painful, and difficult to wax.  {*Hair longer than 1/4 inch will result in an additional grooming fee of $15.}

Depending on what area is to be waxed, the skin will be prepped using professional products. These include cleansing, a powder to help wax grab hair, and after waxing, a soothing/cooling lotion is applied. We use professional wax, and waxing sticks. Our facility is extremely sanitary, we NEVER double-dip, or reuse any waxing supplies. Clients are professionally draped during body waxing. For bikini waxing services we ask that you wear an old or disposable thong or bikini bottom (wax may get on fabric which does not wash out). We make these waxing treatments as comfortable as possible, and respect your privacy.

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