Welcome to Solace Day Spa! 

We are very pleased that you have joined our team.  We look forward to working together with you and making this a great experience.  We believe that to be successful in meeting our personal and team goals we must have teamwork, always striving to improve our skills and being open to change.

Success comes through TEAMWORK.  In our day spa, we derive success from teamwork.  Individual and unit growth is stimulated by the idea that working together can accomplish much more than an individual working alone.

Success comes through EDUCATION.  As techniques evolve, as products improve, and new services are introduced, we will be prepared through education to satisfy the new demands of our clients, thus ensuring our successful position in the future.

Success comes through CHANGES.  We welcome it!  Change is stimulating.  Stimulated people achieve more, and achievers are successful.

This training manual outlines our policies, rules and regulations, educational guidelines, and everyday procedures so that you can better understand what is expected of you on the job.  From time to time, there will be roadblocks (this is part of the growing process).  Please feel free to constructively bring issues or questions you have to management.  We are here as part of your team to reach your personal goals as well.  As long as you persevere, keep an open mind, and have a positive attitude, you will succeed!