Training Checklist


___address and directions to the spa

___parking is available in front of spa or in the parking garage across the street *both free of charge

___hour of operation *by appointment only

                  Monday – Saturday 9-7 pm/Sun 11 – 5 pm , FB, twitter , LinkedIn , google+ , Instagram etc.


___The Story of Solace Day Spa (online)

___know background of team (specialties, experience etc.)



___personal calls/computer time etc.

___health & safety

                  ___ no smoking

                  ___location of first aid kit

                  ___location of extinguishers

                  ___turn heat equipment off end of work day

                  ___evening hours with safety precautions

                  ___parking: team parks in the garage (this leaves space for scheduled clients and other guests)


___guest services protocol

                  – welcome and introduce self

                  – please take a seat and complete this short intake form

                  – beverages are offered during service, but if they have to wait a few minutes offer before

                  – let therapist/technician know guest has arrived

___appearance: clean, well-kept and professional

___ending session due to inappropriate behavior

___absolutely no cleavage! a helpful guideline is nothing lower than the collarbone

___value client’s time – 45 minute service needs to be 45 minutes, no 30 or 60

___hygiene is paramount – showered, fresh, clean appearance will set us apart!

___spa space only to be used for spa services

                  examples: no washing hair in sink, no personal laundry, printer paper for business ONLY

                                    no friends/family at the spa lingering around during services.


___all marketing materials with Solace Day Spa need to be approved

___health fairs

___trade shows

___networking groups: can give list of good ones

___fb, twitter, google+


___email blasts


___taking messages

___team meetings (usually during transitions or to catch up on changes)

___basic guidelines to guests and team



___info needed for scheduler (name, number, date, time, email – scheduling purposes only)

___inform new clients of email with link to intake forms

___mention parking options

___know menu prices, what services include and how long service will take

___repeat day, time, service and duration

___contractor will be charged for space used when the contractor “no shows” the guest


___always enter into the system and generate a gift certificate #

___write number on appropriate line on gift certificate

___print out gift certificate order and submit in receipt folder

___ information to gather before processing gift certificate


___prices are available on physical menu, website and scheduler: notify if notice discrepancies

___we accept cash, personal check with id and we also accept credit cards

___retail is discounted to team (purchase price + s/h + tax)

___retailing own products in any area of the spa must be approved

___donations to local charities are encouraged, but must be approved by management

___use of Solace Day Spa for services are only for agreement holders


___everyone is responsible for cleaning services, bathroom and lobby (all areas that guest uses)

___when items are running low, text Jodie (toilet paper, lemons, paper towels, water bottles etc)

___data entry into booker (based on intake information)

___Local Trade Partners: submit and print receipt (attach to invoice)

___spa week: redeem and print (attach to invoice)

___attach gift certificate to invoice

___ place cash inside of envelope and staple envelope to invoice


___work week (Monday – Sunday)

___submit reimbursement form by following Monday for check following Friday

                  (or reimbursement may be delayed)

___keep hallway door closed at all times (this minimizes noise level from front desk)

___no fragrances or essential oils diffused with approval of management (consistency is very important and guests could be very sensitive to smell)



___ License to frame

___ Copy of Insurance

___ Key to Solace Day Spa

___ Password to Scheduling System

___ Security System: code/arm/disarm

___ Bio Blurb & picture (website and booking system)