A Dream Come True

The Story of Solace Day Spa

It began over ten years ago when Jodie discovered her true passion – massage.  Shortly thereafter she knew what she wanted to do with the skills she acquired in massage therapy school.  Her dream was to provide a retreat center where individuals could come and get away from the stress of life and be rejuvenated and find rest.  Massage, skin and nail care, nutritional education, counseling, self-care classes, an environment for meditation and reflection, and physical activities such as yoga, hiking, walking, biking, etc. were important keys in creating an all-inclusive retreat center for complete renewal. 

In 2010, Jodie and her sister, Melissa, a master hair stylist, opened Pure Solace Body Boutique.  Over a year later Melissa stepped away from Pure Solace and moved her practice to a nearby salon and continues to provide her clients with impeccable service and style.  Jodie continues to transition into a retreat center and day spa, as sole owner.  She doesn’t attempt this feat alone, she has an incredible team that continues to support her dream and encourage her in her journey.  In 2015, Jodie changed the name to Solace Day Spa, but the mission remains to encourage her guests towards “Pure Solace”.

It is all in our desire, at Solace Day Spa, to provide the utmost service to each client.  We want to provide an experience that defines “pure solace” and an opportunity to escape all the craziness of life and be surrounded by peace, and tranquility, purity is our passion.  We desire to cater to the individual’s needs at each appointment.  We offer a wide variety of beverages, reading material, calming music, and a friendly staff.  Our goal is to send each client away with 100% satisfaction!

We hope that you will join us in our new adventure.