Students!! Manage Stress For Success

Improve Academic Success with Regular Massage
The beginning of the school year is here and rolling. From gathering supplies and organizing your living space to accommodating the rush of the new school year, remember to also take a breath and care for yourself! Students have many factors that contribute to increased stress and massage therapy is an effective tool that not only brings calm, but has academic benefits as well.

Studying, lectures, sitting at the computer, test anxiety and decreased sleep can all increase levels of stress and the side effects can be exhausting! This type of activity often involves hunched shoulders, tight pectoral muscles, cramping and tightness in the hands and fingers and tight quads. These issues lead to symptoms like headaches, fatigue, lack of focus and soreness. Learn to manage your stress and you may feel more confident and prepared in tackling the academic challenges.

Massage Benefits Academics
○ Reduces feelings of depression and anxiety
○ Reduces muscle tension
○ Improves blood circulation
○ Increase mental focus and stamina
○ Improves immune function