Code of Professionalism

  • As a day spa professional, you are a caring, open-minded individual.
  • You are well-educated in your field and can utilize all your knowledge to benefit your clients.
  • As a day spa professional, you can put your own ego aside to better contribute to the team.
  • As a day spa professional, you have developed your listening talents and are able to communicate with your clients and teammates without intimidating them.

Professionalism is an intangible concept.  It is a balanced combination of education, honesty, talent, and common sense.

Pulling it all together in the spa is not an easy task, but through cooperation, teamwork, and a few guidelines, we can be successful.

 Guidelines to Professionalism

  • Listen to your client. The most difficult skill to learn but the most valuable once mastered.
  • Service your client’s needs. To the best of your ability, appropriately meet the needs of your client. Never deny him/her the proper amount of service time.  Also be mindful and respect their time.  Do not extend beyond the scheduled service time unless you’ve made prior arrangements with management.  If management observes that any service provider habitually goes past the scheduled time, a fee may be charged.  The service provider will get a warning and will have a chance to discuss circumstances before fees will be charged.  Beyond the warning, a fee will be charged and reflected on the receipt of reimbursement.
  • Client Consultation. Consultation with every client is the most professional way to establish good communication and avoid errors. Always quote prices for a new service on either a new or a regular client.  Sell the service first, and then the price will not be paramount.

Client consultation is the greatest opportunity for you to determine precisely what your client needs.  Take advantage of this time to learn as much as you can about your client’s needs, preferences, and general lifestyle.

  • Teamwork and cooperation. Work with other team members and help each other out as much as possible. Practicing this will make everyone’s day go better.  Help your teammates whenever possible no matter what their level within the salon or spa.  Each individual member of the team serves an integral part in the success of Solace Day Spa.
  • Avoid gossip. Gossip is destructive behavior and must always be avoided.  Talking about other members of the team is divisive and will not be tolerated.  If there is a behavioral concern, please let management know.
  • Support. Respect and support the expertise of your teammates. This will allow your own personal growth as well as be an encouragement to your co-worker.
  • Include everyone. Personal conversations between working employees will make a client feel insignificant.
  • Proper grammar. Always use proper grammar. Avoid slang and please use considerate and socially acceptable language.  Being polite and proper goes a long way when serving guests.
  • Stay positive.  Do not speak negatively of competitors.  It isn’t effective in making yourself or Solace Day Spa better.  It only exposes insecurities and is unprofessional.

 Professional Appearance

Since we strive for professionalism in all areas of our working environment, it is important that we also portray that image in our own appearance.   We also need to practice personal cleanliness and hygiene.  No strong or offensive perfumes are to be worn in the spa.  Some clients come in that have sensitivities to fragrance and we wouldn’t want to keep them from enjoying their experience because of our choice of fragrance.  It may also not mix well with the scent of oils or other products used in the spa.  Be mindful of how closely we work with our guests and consider this aspect when making decisions.


Spa Attire

Black shirt, Black pants (no shorts or short skirts)

Black shoes (no white or color on side-sole)

black tops – neckline should hit around the collar bone area and reveal NO cleavage at any point before, during, or after services

well-groomed and professional hair

Handling Inappropriate Behavior

  • Ending a Session Due to Inappropriate Behavior

To preserve the name and reputation of Solace Day Spa, all team members must abide by the following protocol when inappropriate actions have occurred.

  • Inform the client:

“The session has ended at this time.  I will meet you at the front desk to take care of your payment.”

Inform management. Inform management immediately and let them know what has happened. Document what has happened, keep a copy, and submit a copy to Solace Day Spa.