“I need your help!  My foot is in excruciating pain.”  The client wanted an appointment as soon as possible.  Her plantar fasciitis had flared up and she was desperate for relief.  I knew that the symptoms of plantar fasciitis could be relieved through massage.  I was motivated and ready to step in and offer my help.

Plantar Fasciitis is not always an issue isolated to the foot

Plantar Fasciitis can include the fascial bags that are “glued together” in the lower leg.  Two pieces of the plantar fascia can tear or pull away from the calcaneal lip, located in the heel area.  A layer of skin also pulls away from the bone and becomes inflamed.  Inflammation is what makes plantar fasciitis so painful!

Massage Can Help

Massaging the layers of flat broad tendons and fascial bags that lie under the plantar fascia is a great place to begin.  Continue with massage work on the arch area of the foot.  These targeted massage techniques can create friction against the plantar fascia that is pulling away from the heel.  Providing this movement facilitates a loosening of the muscles and is key for relief.

Recovery through Teamwork

This particular client’s condition continues to improve, but recovering from moderate to severe plantar fasciitis can take time!  Massage along with self-care and lifestyle adjustments can bring relief to a discouraging condition.  My client also wore a sock sleeve at night.  She was also committed to physical therapy and chiropractic adjustments.  Most importantly, she communicated with her doctor for an efficient and effective recovery treatment plan.  I have found that the best recovery comes through a team working together!