To remain consistent in style design or branding, it is important to work with the same designer.  All Solace Day Spa labeled materials are to be approved by management.

Fairs and Shows

Throughout the year there are opportunities to be a part of health fairs, shows and employee appreciation.  Each member of the team is welcome to be involved in marketing themselves and Solace Day Spa in these opportunities.   If you are representing SDS, management needs to approve involvement in these venues.

Networking Events

Networking groups are a great opportunity to get your name out there and meet other people.  I encourage you to become involved in these groups and be active in growing your business and the Solace Day Spa name.  Also, consider the things you love to do and get involved in – that is networking too!

Organic Networking

Be involved in things that you enjoy!  Hiking, kayaking, dog parks, book clubs or whatever you find an interest in and get to know people.  Share with your friends on social media about what you do and what you are learning!  Engage with others and be interested in what they are doing as well.  Build relationships and have fun!

Other Marketing Options

Online presence – your online presence matters.  What image are you portraying?  What is your “brand”?  If you would like more information on this, let us know and we’d love to share our knowledge, as well as learn with you!  We can also help build your brand.  Keep it professional, yet personable and you can attract lasting and loyal clients and build business.

Social Media

Facebook – Linked In – Twitter – Instagram – Alignable – Youtube – Nextdoor Neighbor – podcasts – blog – vlog etc.  Where does your target market engage?  Engage with them!


On-Site Teacher Appreciation

Atmosphere within Solace Day Spa

  • Music – Music is a HUGE part of setting the “tone” of the experience. Only playlists that are approved by the Solace Day Spa Spa Director can be played in the spa. The general sounds are soft and gentle sounds such as piano, sounds of nature, light instrumental, and classical-type music.  Solace Day Spa an approved playlist available. 
  • Candles & Lights – Lighting is also a big part of the experience at a spa. Soft natural lighting is primarily the goal, but can be supplemented by candles, Himalayan salt lamps and some essential oil diffusers. No other lighting is permitted without approval as stated in the rental agreement.
  • Sounds – What our guests hear at the spa is also part of the experience.  Setting the ambiance and “feel” is greatly affected by what is heard.     Personally listening to anything other than the playlists provided by Solace Day Spa, such as music, movies, sporting events, TV shows, etc. needs to be with headphones.  It also needs to be where other staff cannot see what is on the screen or hear the sound.  Having headphones on during services is highly discouraged.  Connecting with the client through the sounds we are hearing comes through in our services.
  • Drinks – A menu of approved drinks is provided by Solace Day Spa.