What is a hydrofacial?

Immediately effective, the hydrofacial will resurface and brighten the look of you skin with no down time and comfortably non-invasive.  The technology of this highly-popluar treatment integrates cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, and hydration with simultaneous infusion of customized ingredients selected by our qualified estheticians.

How does it work?

The hydrofacial device has the ability to treat a wide range of skin issues and wil help your skin feel refreshed and vibrant!    It removes dead skin cells that have built up on the surface of the skin.  It also clears blocked pores with a unique and gentle vortex effect suitable for those with even the most sensitve skin.

Hydrofacial addresses a majority of skin types with immediate results in skin tone and texture.

  • fine lines + wrinkles
  • elasticity + firmness
  • even tone + vibrancy
  • skin texture
  • brown spots
  • oily + congested skin
  • enlarged pores
  • rosacea
  • milia
  • dehydrated skin

How often do I need to receive a hydrofacial?

Your esthetician will discuss your goals and needs during your initial assessment.  Depending on the current condition of your skin, daily habits and personal skin care regimen, your treatment session and follow up skincare plan will be customized to fit your lifestyle and short term and long term goals.