Happy Birthday Pure Solace!

Five years is a milestone year for small businesses – at least that’s what I was told.  We started as a salon and massage studio and transitioned into the addition of a boutique with retail items.  A few adjustments later and we have developed into a strong and growing massage therapy center with a far infrared sauna and small nail boutique.  We have learned innumerous lessons and continue to learn every day!  As the owner, I hear of massage therapists and other spa technicians wanting to venture out on their own and be their own boss.  Some of them ask for advice and I respond with a chuckle and a deep breath before listing an overwhelming list to think about.  Let me narrow it down and maybe I can be of more help to those who ask in the future!

Relationships!  Everything about your work and building your business is relationships.  Spend most of your time building relationships and meeting people.  Cherish each guest and connect with them on a personal level.  I have experienced wonderful friendships through the business and have even had the honor of being a part of some of my guest’s lives outside of the spa.  Baby showers, weddings, women’s retreats and a birthday party or two.

Balance.  The first few years will require A LOT of work!  Business owners can work for hours on end, but remember to take care of yourself.  You will be encouraging your clients to do the same and this is the time for you to practice what you preach.  Living a life of balance will increase productivity and efficiency.  Pay attention to cues that scream imbalance.  Exhaustion, irritability, general chaos and even overworking are some of my cues.  Those close to me will gently challenge me to take time for myself and leave the work at home and just play!!

Integrity.  What you do when you think no one will find out is the test of integrity.  Rules may seem unrealistic and unfair.  But, the law is just that…the LAW.  Your reputation is invaluable and only takes a moment to lose.  Surround yourself with other therapists and business owners of integrity and keep one another accountable.  This will keep the art of massage therapy and other spa services professional and reputable.

It is so tempting to keep going and just list everything that I have learned.  I have really enjoyed the lessons and continue to look forward to learning more, meeting more guests, team members and business colleagues.  The five years have had some challenges and seemingly impossible times, but the rewards and fulfillment outweigh everything else.  What an amazing five years…here’s to five more!!