Far Infrared Sauna vs. Traditional/Conventional Sauna

Solace Day Spa is proud to offer the Far Infrared Sauna, with a technologically advanced sauna that is safe and natural. Surround your body with soothing far infrared heat that penetrates deeply into the joints, muscles and tissues speeding oxygen flow and increasing circulation. Some of the health benefits our guests may experience are pain relief, weight loss, detoxification, lowering of blood pressure and skin purification. Discover the benefits of infrared sauna therapy for yourself and burn up to 600 calories in just 30 minutes!

If you have perused the pages of our website, you will find the above blurb as an introduction to the “far infrared sauna” services page.  Included on the page are the benefits and a little bit on how the sauna works.  But, what makes the far infrared sauna our sauna of choice?  What is the difference between the far infrared sauna and a traditional
sauna?  I have enjoyed the benefits from the far infrared sauna for nearly 15 years.  I have personally experienced reduced appearance of cellulite, clearer skin, decrease in anxiety and relief of sore muscles and joints.  I have used the traditional sauna only a handful of times and did not enjoy the level of heat and humidity.  So, I didn’t continue to use it and was not able to enjoy the benefits of using a sauna.  Once I was introduced to the far infrared sauna, I was hooked!


Air fresh air/no steam steam/high humidity
temperature 120 – 140 degrees 150 – 185 (higher closer to heater)
heat direct heat: higher penetrating indirect heat: heats surrounding air
options stereo/electronic-safe electronics should avoid moist heat
electricity needed 110 V (more energy efficient) 220 V
plumbing no plumbing needed plumbing needed
preheatprepare to use use right away – benefits as soon as turned on OR wait for sauna to heat up to desired temperature (both are beneficial) wait 30-40 minutes for space to be heated to desired temp
body absorbs energy emits energy close to the same wavelength as body naturally emits (8-14 microns), so energy is well-received by body
length of session 15 – 30 minutes (allows more time to sweat, detox, burn calories etc.) 15 minutes
process push sweat out(result of deep penetration of heat) pulls sweat out
source of IR heat heaters directly emitting IR heat heated walls, rocks
dry/wet heaters infrared heaters continuously on – IR heat only emitted when heater is on water over rocks moistens the air and nasal passages and ability to mix essential oils in the water (aromatherapy): heater cycles on and off throughout session to maintain desired heat
heat penetration Far Infrared heat penetrates deep into the muscles and joints (up to 3 inches)

Both types of saunas are effective in bringing health benefits and important part of an individual’s wellness program.  Heat waves penetrate body to raise core temperature and it induces relaxation, stress reduction, sweat process and relief of aches and pains.  Both saunas cause self-induced fever to encourage healing.  And finally, saunas can be a very important part of weight loss program by burning calories and the detoxification process.

There are so many reasons WHY we love the Far Infrared Sauna and enjoy telling all of our guests about all of the benefits!! What are all of the benefits?  Great idea for our next blog!!  We better get to working on it…there is quite a list.